Using measurement to increase social media’s effectiveness

You’ve heard it in the past: Before you use social media, you should have a purpose.

For businesses, the purpose is probably to build your brand, which will help your profits down the road. For individuals, the purpose might be to network professionally with others or to keep up with lives of distant friends and family members.

No matter why you use social media, you might wonder if you’re using it correctly or effectively. According to a MediaPost article, the vast majority of companies feel they aren’t using social media tools effectively.

The most remarkable finding: just 12% of the companies surveyed believed they were currently effective users of social media, meaning almost nine out of ten respondents relegated themselves to the “ineffective” pile.

In addition, research found 75 percent of respondents didn’t know where customers talked about their companies only and 31 percent said they don’t measure their social media tactics effectiveness. Only 23 percent said they use analytics tools.

Why might this be happening? Part of it could be time issues combined with people not understanding. Many businesses and individuals think just throwing content out on social media will help them achieve their goals.When they do that at nothing big happens, they think their work was ineffective, and probably was. If they don’t change, they’ll continue to be ineffective.

To succeed at social media, you have to bring something useful to your targeted audience. Then, you have to measure that something to see if it ended up being effective. You can then use the results from that measurement to improve future participation.

Here are a few sites I have used to measure my own personal brand and corporate brands:

What social media measurement tools and sites do you use?


Thankful for Social Media

First of all: Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of the United States’ day of thanks, I thought it would only be appropriate for me to post a few reasons why consumers and organizations alike should be thankful for social media’s existence.

Improved Transparency

Businesses can’t be unauthentic anymore. Today’s technology won’t allow it because dishonesty will be discovered almost instantly. And once an organization is found to be inauthentic, customers will turn away. This may seem a customer-only benefit, but it actually helps both sides of a transaction. Customers feel safer and, therefore, they feel more comfortable buying from companies, which helps businesses. Social media has reinstated the importance of honesty, and who wouldn’t be thankful for that?

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