Don’t Let Big Biz Have All the (Social Media) Success!

In his article  “Why Big Brands Are Dominating Social Media,” Brian Sheehan raises valid points, saying although we always talk about social media tools being free to use, they do take tons of time to manage, and, as the saying goes, time is money. While Pepsi or Ford or other big brands don’t have to necessarily pay a ton of money for social media tools, they are able to pay a ton of money to employees who manage the conversations taking place through the tools.

It would seem big business brands have outdone small businesses again. While this may be true for right now, small businesses don’t have to sit back while big businesses have all the fun.

Instead,  small businesses can have just as much success, if not more success, on social media by thinking on a smaller, local community level and adding a dab of creativity. Continue reading “Don’t Let Big Biz Have All the (Social Media) Success!”


Social Media: A Small Biz Alternative to Donating Money

The explosion of social media has made one thing clear: Giving is something that extends well beyond the holiday season.

While many companies push the love during the season of red and green, the most successful know to carry that giving feeling year round. They know giving will help their companies. In a press release posted Dec. 12, Will Marre, CEO of Realeadership Alliance, says companies that give are more likely to receive.

“When giving becomes an essential part of your culture, employees are inspired to create more value and consumers choose you.”

But what kind of giving? For huge, well-known corporations like Apple or Zappos, it’s easy to give a few thousand here, a few thousand there. But what about small businesses that can’t afford to give thousands and thousands?

Thanks to social media, small businesses can prove their desire to give and they can, in effect, increase what they’ll receive from current and potential customers.

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