I have two jobs: A career in healthcare public relations and a full-time mommy to my baby girl.

I like: Time with family and friends, public relations, coffee, eating, drinking wine, laughing, crying (yes, sometimes you just need to cry), life in Rochester, trying new things, reading the news, speaking up for women’s and children’s rights.

This blog started as a project while studying integrated marketing communications at St. Bonaventure University. But my life has evolved so much since then.

I’ve established a career, working two jobs before landing my dream gig in healthcare PR. I’ve gotten married. I’ve helped my husband beat esophageal cancer. I’ve bought a house (and tried to make it look decent). I’ve become a mom who, like all moms, wants to give her daughter all the best things in life.

So it only makes sense this blog should evolve, too. After not writing for almost a year, and becoming a mom since then, I have so many thoughts on a day-to-day basis that I feel like I need to get out.

This is my chance to do that.

I hope reflecting on all of these things, and sharing what I’ve learned and where I’ve found joy, can help someone else. Even if it doesn’t, maybe it will at least help me make sense of my own place in this crazy world.