McDonald’s Spreads the McLovin’ – Literally

McDonald’s is sort of a guilty pleasure for me. I don’t want to like it and I don’t want to go there because I know it’s not healthy, but every now and then on a super stressful day or when I have no time, I’ll stop and treat myself. According to recent news, I’m not the only millennial wishing to avoid the food chain, and they have started efforts to improve their brand image among millennials. For example, recently I caught their SnapChat ad and have heard their catchy, folks-y songs on the radio.

They’re great marketing pieces and they got my attention, but they didn’t grab my heartstrings. What did was a promotion they are currently running that allows select customers to “pay” for their McDonald’s order with hugs, “I love yous” to mom and dancing.

In fact, they’ll be airing an ad during the Super Bowl talking about this promotion, which I think is quite smart. In today’s world, we often go through the motions and forget the things that really matter. We don’t tell our moms or siblings or significant others that we love them as often as we should. And our worry of looking silly might cause us to dance less frequently, if ever, and forget about the importance of smiling, having fun and enjoying life.

Working in social media and reading comments people make to news stories in social media these days, I see there is a lot of negativity in our world. But little acts of kindness can add up. I think what McDonald’s is doing is smart and helpful to our world. Even if that call to your mom is tied to you getting a free hashbrown, maybe it will help you to step back and think about your actions. Think about how you can appreciate others you care about or even how you can comfort those in the world who might be suffering.

A little positivity – whether the objective is to sell burgers or just to be nice – can go a long way in our world!


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