2015 Super Bowl Ad Favorites

It’s all over, the Patriots won, I rocked my office Super Bowl Squares and tweeted my heart out about the ads. Did you miss them? You can watch all the national ads here.

This year, we had a lot less humor than we usually have. Many ads were inspiring, caring, loving. Positivity seemed to be the name of the game. In my last post, I shared how the McDonald’s McLovin promotion helped to spread positivity and that’s something that is so greatly needed in our world. I’m glad that some of this year’s Super Bowl ads did just that.

Dads were another theme this year. I’m fortunate enough to have an awesome father who has always been there for me, so I could really relate to these ads and in fact they made me feel quite emotional

Here’s a rundown of my five favorite 2015 Super Bowl Ads:

5. Toyota – My Bold Dad

Being in my twenties, I’ve realized how much my parents in general have done for me. Moms get a lot of deserved recognition but we don’t always recognize everything our dad does for us. It didn’t completely relate to the brand/product, but it was a memorable ad that was entertaining and I enjoyed watching it.

4. Budweiser – Lost Dog

Animals saving animals? That’s almost always going to be a guaranteed win. My husband and I have been thinking about getting a dog soon so this ad was especially touching for us.

3. Always – Like a Girl

This ad was not new but I still love it just like I did the first time I saw it. A girl can do anything, including be a fast runner, a smart student, an innovative scientist, or anything else in the world. Society has put the “like a girl” label on things as a way to say you are bad at something which is just sad. Females of all generations need to stand up for each other and prove that we are strong in whatever facet of life we prefer. Ads like this that bring attention to the issue of gender inequality can help spark conversation and perhaps bring about change. Any ad that does that is very important in my book.

2. Coca Cola – Make It Happy

As I mentioned in my last post, I feel like I see so much negativity these days, especially on social media. And we’ve all heard the tragic stories about youth who are bullied online. I think Coke’s idea to spread happiness is perfect and right on brand. If you haven’t done so yet, check out gomakeithappy.com. It not only shows the real-time “sentiment” based on how people on Twitter are talking, but it allows you to share a happy post when you see a negative post on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere. Definitely worth keeping an eye on that site.

1. Dove Men+Care 

See number one, pretty much. My eyes welled up as I watched that one. I was quickly brought back to life when they showed the product, but for a few seconds, they really had me.

What ad or ads were your favorite this year?


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