JC Penney announces signficant marketing changes to price, promotion

8 thoughts on “JC Penney announces signficant marketing changes to price, promotion”

  1. I hate the NEW pricing. I went to buy men’s underwear and the new tag over the old was higher. Nice. The women’s lingerie no longer had buy two get one free, but still had the same original pricing as my last shopping trip. Men’s dress clothes had no changes. I won’t be shopping there much, if at all. It used to be my only stop for clothing, but I will be changing that.

    1. Hmmm, that is very odd. Maybe that store was having some kind of issue transitioning to the new pricing? Because that definitely doesn’t sound like a good change. I haven’t had a chance yet to go and experience it, but hopefully it won’t really be like that!

  2. I am going to miss the $10 off purchase coupons and such. I also like the thrill of finding something on the bargan rack at 50-80% off. I’ll miss that too if they do away with it. Their handbags are awsom but I like getting them 40-50% off also. I’ll probably go in once and see if I still enjoy shopping there. If not, I’ll go someplace else. I really loved the sales. I highly doubt we will be getting $20 T-Shirts for a fair $10-$12. Penny’s just won’t be Penny’s anymore, will it???

  3. If they really mean it, I like the idea very much. I like many of the styles Penney carries (for me and my husband), but I’m like you — I rarely buy unless the items are on sale. This would probably get me in to look at things at Penney more often.

    1. Agreed. Just hoping it’s not one of those things where they say prices will be much lower but then they aren’t even much lower. I’m excited to see it play out (and maybe save some cash!).

  4. I really like the changes. I have always liked shopping at J.C.Penney. The one thing I hope wont happen is I hope they dont get rid of the good brands they now carry because this new pricing wont allow them to carry these brands.

    1. I do too and I agree! I would be very disappointed if they carried different brands, but it doesn’t seem like that is part of the plan. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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