Brazen Careerist revamps brand to focus on being ‘totally live’

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about the Network Roulette service Brazen Careerist offers. Even though little time has passed, I have to bring up Brazen Careerist again because they recently revamped some key areas of their brand.

First, they’ve adopted a new logo. The original logo featured light blue bubble letters, while the new logo focuses on red and black. It’s certainly a cleaner, more polished look to bring Brazen into the future.

Second, they’ve started a new blogging  contributors network, of which I’m a proud member. The blog, called Brazen Life, focuses on various topics, including entrepreneurship, business, the job search, nonprofit, social media and personal development. I’m excited not only to contribute to the network by writing posts but also to read what others in the Brazen community have to say about their own experiences and advice.

Finally, the third aspect of Brazen Careerist that’s changing is its focus. Brazen has shifted its focus to become a more valuable resource. To do this, it will focus on being “highly educational,” “incredibly useful” and “totally live,” according to a recent blog post by Ryan Healy, co-founder and COO of Brazen Careerist.

My favorite of these three areas is totally live, which comes back to Brazen’s Network Roulette. As I mentioned in a previous post, if you haven’t looked into a Network Roulette event, check it out! They’re fun, fast-paced and great for meeting new people with similar interests. In fact, a recent network roulette event led me to write a guest blog post for Patrick Pho’s Quarter Life Crisis series. (Read my post, The Quarterlife Crisis Series: A Millenial’s Advantage.)

In closing, as you can probably see, I’m excited. This will surely lead to more success for many, and I’m excited to learn how it will turn out. To all Brazen Careerists past, present and future: Based on what I’ve said and what Healy wrote, what do you think about Brazen’s changes and its future?


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