Connecting digitally on Brazen Careerist’s Network Roulette

Whether you’re settled into a comfortable, fitting career or whether you’re hunting wildly (as I am) for your dream job, you can learn a lot from Brazen Careerist, a social networking site that provides professionals an opportunity to connect with each other in a casual, fun environment. The site recognizes the importance of and establishes the bridge between personal and professional life.

I joined Brazen about a year ago, and while I don’t use it as much as Twitter or Facebook, I do enjoy using it to engage like-minded professionals in stimulating, timely conversation.

One of the most useful features I’ve used on the site is the Network Roulette. Basically, this is a professional version of Chat Roulette, without video. You register for the event, which takes place on your computer at a designated date and time.


Before logging in, you should make sure your profile and resume are updated. Also, you have the option to answer these questions: What are you seeking? What are you providing? For example, during the blogging Network Roulette I participated in earlier this week, I said I am seeking opportunities to guest blog about social media, marketing and journalism, and I’m providing advice on these topics. Having this information immediately available makes it easier to find out if you should continue talking to this person. Plus, it lets you get to the meat of the conversation right away.

After logging in to the chat and filling out the brief introductory information, you’re matched with another participant in something reminisicent of a private chat room. You’ll have three to five minutes to talk to the person, and then you can “follow” them or ask for further contact information to continue the conversation afterward. The idea is to meet as many people as possible and then to get deeper into conversation with them at a later time.

If you’re a little confused about Brazen Careerist and Network Roulette at this point, no worries. Here’s a list of ways certain groups of people can use the site and that particular tool.

  • Students & Job Seekers: Whether you’re seeking an internship, a post-graduation job or just want to prepare yourself early (a great idea, by the way), you can use this time in your life to build your network as much as possible. But it’s more than just talking to people initially — make sure you follow-up with people you meet via Network Roulette to establish long-lasting relationships that benefit both parties in the long run.
  • College professors and career center staff: With job-seeking students, you likely stress the importance of networking (especially with alumni) frequently. While arranging in-person networking events between students and alumni are ideal, they can be challenge in today’s hectic world. However, Brazen works with colleges to establish Network Roulette events for colleges, which provides an easy way for alumni and students to connect with each other digitally.
  • Employers: Career fairs are great for meeting potential employees, but they can be costly and challenging to organize, and results aren’t guaranteed. While Brazen doesn’t guarantee results, either, the event is at least less costly and less time-consuming, making it a more effective way to find potential job candidates.
  • Life-long Learners: Life is a journey, and people help you enjoy it. On Network Roulette, you can find and connect with people who have similar interests. Rather than resorting to articles or other resources, you can use the people you meet on Brazen to learn more about certain topics.

What other groups might find Network Roulette useful? What do you think of Brazen’s Network Roulette concept?


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