Everybody needs a little (reusable) KFC (packaging)!

Whenever possible, I do what I can to help the world, including the environment and the people who live here. I don’t take as extreme measures as I probably should, but I do as many little things as possible. I recycle as much as possible. I try to take shorter showers. I refuse bags at the check-out counter unless I really need it. I avoid using styrofoam whenever possible.

So, I love it when companies make it easier for me to feel like I’m helping the earth, even if it’s in some small way. For example, most recently, my local KFC began using earth-friendly, reusable plastic containers for its side dishes.

Source: http://www.kfc.com/packaging/news/9_2010.asp

When I ordered my mac and cheese and received this new packaging, I was stoked. KFC, I believe, has hit the money on this one for a couple reasons.

  • First, as an article in Packaging World Magazine states, these new containers are better for the environment. Not only do they reduce waste, but they use less energy when produced. The article lists many other ways the new packaging reduces KFC’s footprint.
  • Second, this type of packaging will likely keep KFC in consumers’ minds long after they’ve finished their meal. The article says consumers tend to keep reusable containers for at least six weeks. Every time a consumer reuses the container, he or she will think back to the KFC brand experience.

This is the packaging of the future. Fast food companies who get on board with this or a similar packaging program will improve their brand’s image in the long run.

Do you think reusable packaging is a trend that will catch on?


2 thoughts on “Everybody needs a little (reusable) KFC (packaging)!

  1. If KFC uses any thiner cups to hold their sodas, it would be printer paper! I had soda all over my hand and all over the cup holder in my car just trying to lift the cup out. I pride myself in being green , but this is not the way for KFC to use sub par cups.

    1. Interesting – I hadn’t heard of that but can certainly see how it would be a problem! Companies using green tactics should make sure it won’t inconvenience the customer too much.

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