Group buying websites aiming for niche audiences

The digital age has brought about a shift away from mass-produced messages. Today, niche marketing, niche publications and niche anything is where it’s at. After all, if you’ve got something to say or sell or do whatever with, why not go first to the people who might have a chance at being interested?

When group-buying websites like Groupon and LivingSocial began offering deals of the day, they catered to a niche group: People living in or near larger cities who like to save money and who like to try new things or have new experiences.


Now this group of niche shoppers have a chance to get even more focused on what they value most. Rather than learning just about deals in New York City, those with a specific interest can learn about specific deals in their location of choice through “niche” group buying sites. A few examples include:

While I don’t think big-name sites like Groupon and Living Social will perish because of these newer sites, I do see some changes in the future for group buying. But what do you think? 

Could these specialized versions that focus on one target overtake the general version soon?


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