Facebook Pages get more sociable

For me, Facebook just did a great job in getting me — and many other small businesses — to “Like” them a bit more by making it easier for page administrators but is it a change the average, individual Facebook user will embrace or “unlike?”

What has changed

Today, I logged on to the Facebook page I administer to find some important changes. Later I received an e-mail explaining the changes:

What the changes mean for me

While all the features will probably prove useful in the future, the one that struck me immediately was the ability to like and post on other pages. I manage my university career center’s Facebook page and being able to comment on other university departments’ pages will improve inter-departmental communication immensely and will also make our page more visible.

What the changes mean for individuals

While fan pages still cannot comment or like an individual’s wall or page, this gets close to that. Hopefully most organizations using Facebook understand the issues related to spamming its audiences, but those who don’t could cause issues on others’ pages. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future for sure.

I’m certainly excited to continue to experiment with this upgrade, and I would love to read feedback from others who administer pages.

What do you think of the change? For page administrators, what part or parts of the change do you see being most beneficial?


2 thoughts on “Facebook Pages get more sociable

  1. I’m jazzed about these upgrades! Having the “little red box” tell me someone has commented on my organization’s page has been something I’ve wanted for a LONG time, and now that it’s here, I’m more confident that important comments/questions won’t be missed or unheard. This is especially important for “old” posts, or photos. Unless you checked each one (and let’s be honest – no one has time for that), there was a good chance you were missing good stuff! (or, in some cases, bad stuff that needed immediate action) With the new upgrades, there is no more fear of negative posts lurking around my page, and quicker response time to “fans”.

    Facebook – it’s about time. Thank you!

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