Super Bowl Ads Top Four Favs & Fails

With the advent of Twitter, watching the Super Bowl’s commercial has become something of a sport for me. Instead of watching commercials and forgetting about 99% of them by the time I go to bed, I can blog and tweet about them as I see them, making it easier for me to remember and share my opinions on them with the world.

In honor of this  “national holiday,” here are my top four favorite and least favorite Super Bowl commercials:

Least favorite

4. with Joan Rivers. Godaddy has pretty much become a least-favorite tradition for me, though.

3. Motorola Xoom with the white-hooded workers. Just weird. I didn’t understand why they’re all wearing white. Maybe some kind of wannabe Apple 1984 commercial?

2. Doritos roommate with the ashes and then the grandfather. I didn’t get it and thought it was kind of weird.

1. Groupon on Tibet. It drew me in with talk about depressing political turmoil in Tibet and then they were just trying to sell me something. The guy talked so fast in the end and the switch up had me so flabergasted that I have no idea what he even said at the end.

Most favorite

4. NFL with the TV shows. Made me feel nostalgic about my favorite shows and even football. I’m not even a football fan!

3. Brisk with Eminem. Not particular funny or anything, but I liked the fact that:

  • It recognized how much people tend to hate ads (except on the Super Bowl)
  • It worked because he’s so angst-y
  • It fit with the brand (i.e., past claymation commercials)

2. Best Buy with Ozzie Osbourne and Justin Beiber. I didn’t think it was extremely effective, but it made me laugh by uniting old school Ozzie with new school Beiber.

1. Chrysler 200 commercial with Eminem. It might be because I’m a big Eminem fan, but I loved this. Even before it showed him, though, this commercial had me feeling inspired, pumped and proud of America not because of our most prosperous cities but because of our least prosperous cities and areas.

What were your favorites or least favorites? Which ones made you want to patronize the products/services?


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