A Forward-Thinking Social Media History Lesson

The basic concept of social media is nothing new. We humans literally live for the interactions we have with each other.

However, what makes social media so exciting is how it allows people to keep in contact with so many others in so little time, comparatively. Yes, maintaining social media does take lots and lots of time. But think about how much time it would have taken before then? Think about how challenging it was to keep up with family members and friends and customers and business partners before the internet, let alone social media.

The social media technology advances soared exponentially throughout the year. To prove it, I wanted to show an intriguing infographic from OnlineSchools.org. (Note: I originally found this infographic on Mashable.)

The power of human intellect and technological ability to grow so exponentially really just baffles my mind. Now more than ever, we truly live in a constantly moving and changing world. So exciting! What do you find most exciting about today’s new communication technologies, specifically social media tools?


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