Is being certified really worth it?

4 thoughts on “Is being certified really worth it?”

  1. I think in this case it would be worth it because this is something new and relatively “hot” and these sort of jobs are starting to be in demand. There are not many people who have gone through a college degree program with a social media major. I’m a member of WOMMA and have gone to their Summit conferences. I didn’t get a certificate for that but it was well worth the price to me and my organization. FOr the student price of this certificate, I don’t see how you could go wrong.

    1. Good points, Colleen. Few people have a social media major. I’m studying integrated marketing communications right now and we’re getting tastes of it in classes, but no real “proof” of just that knowledge besides what we do on our own. Definitely something to consider.

  2. I think we need to think about what we’re missing out if we didn’t have this certificate? What do these certification programs provide that you’re not getting already in your classes?

    I would like to know what long-time professionals have to say because they might be able to tell students how much of a difference certifications make.

    1. Very good question. It might be a good one to ask at professional networking events or something. After reading your comment I’m also thinking that certificate programs may be more appropriate for those who have been out of school for a while and might need some updated training. Perhaps that is why it’s so much cheaper for students — they don’t need it as much.

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