Why oDesk tops other freelance marketplace sites

5 thoughts on “Why oDesk tops other freelance marketplace sites”

  1. Yeah ODesk is good for jobs if you live in low economic countries that take low based pay. They sure don’t have a lot of USA buyers in that site. You can make money if you can work for say $1 an hour. I personally think they need to do a revamping of the whole site.

    1. Thank you for commenting and you do bring up a good point. Depending on your area of expertise, it can be hard to find to find a job that would support an adult middle class American lifestyle. However, I think it’s perfect for college students seeking experience and some pocket money. The two major jobs I found for myself on odesk were both from Americans – one in Connecticut and one in Virginia. However, I didn’t really make enough to live off it after college.

    1. You’re welcome. I opened my account in February 2009 or something like that but didn’t really get going with jobs until around June, so I haven’t been using it too long. Not even a year yet.

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