Smart Shopping for a Smartphone: Introduction

While about 70 percent of American cell phone owners still have feature phones, smartphone ownership is expected to rise and perhaps even overtake features phone ownership by 2011’s Q3.

After two years of owning and having few qualms with my LG Chocolate 3, I am more than ready to join the age of the smartphone.

But choosing and upgrading a phone is more difficult than it seems on the surface. We have so many options available today! As I move toward owning a smartphone, I know I can’t be the only person stepping into this new world. So, I decided to write a bit about my experience and tips I learned  in hopes of helping others also looking to purchase a smartphone this year.

I’ve broken the process into a series of three blogposts.

  1. Identify your purpose and decide what you need (and don’t need ) your smartphone to do.
  2. Conduct primary and secondary research to narrow options down.
  3. Make a decision and bring that decision full circle.

If you’re considering a smartphone purchase in the near future, please ask questions throughout the series. If you’re already a smartphone owner or buying expert, share your tips and advice.

No matter your current stage in the buying process, let’s work together by discussing smartphones here.




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