Lessons Learned: Student Brings Integration & Access to Marketing Classroom

Social media and technology like Twitter, smartphones and Skype can bring new experiences in some of the most seemingly unlikely places, like the university classroom.

My IMC classmate and friend Eddie Perry recently had one of those life-changing social media moments that involved our New Media class, in which we read the book “Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business” by Erik Qualman.

Eddie, like the rest of the class, really enjoyed the book. He decided to take a “socialnomics” approach to voicing his opinion by tweeting the following to the author, @equalman:

The fact that Qualman had replied to a lot of other followers helped him feel more confident in sending the post. When he sent it, Eddie didn’t plan to get anything back, but he hoped something might come of it, even just a thank you. But he got more than that. About four hours later, Eddie received more than a thank you. He got this:

So, Eddie put on his event manager hat and planned the Skype meeting using mobile, texting, Twitter and even e-mail. While he faced a little hiccup with our classroom’s slow internet, we eventually asked Qualman, as a class, about various book-related topics. It was an interesting discussion that I’m sure the whole class enjoyed. And what better way to have had a new media discussion arranged than by a new media tool itself?

Needless to say, our professor was stoked and it’s very possible that Eddie locked in an A for the course while greatly adding to his personal brand and professional network. As with any story or experience, Eddie came away with newly acquired life lessons.

  1. Everything’s integrated and today’s marketers need to have a platter of skills available. In just this one little event, Eddie used Twitter, traditional books, event planning/management, mobile/texting technology, e-mail, Skype and probably something else that I’m forgetting. Without any of those tools, our class would never have enjoyed Qualman’s (virtual) presence and insights.
  2. Potentially, everyone has access to everyone else via social networks like Twitter. It is just a matter of who listens and responds effectively. Just like personable tweeters and Facebook commentors thrive on conversation, companies improve their brand and images through building relationships with customers via social media. In a brief meeting with Eddie, he said (with a smile),

“You can pretty much connect to anyone. When I sent Erik the tweet, I knew he was following a lot of people and I thought he probably wouldn’t get back to me. But when I saw that he actually got back to people on the same day they tweeted him, I thought, why not? I’ll give it a shot. The worst that’s going to happen is he never tweets me back and then that’s it.”

What similar experiences have you had?


4 thoughts on “Lessons Learned: Student Brings Integration & Access to Marketing Classroom

  1. Gotta love the name of your Blog – Ruthings…very original.

    Huge thanks to you, Eddie in the class. Thanks again for reading the book and it was my pleasure to be able to interact with the class. Hopefully someday it will be in person. At the sake of the Prof being upset with me, I hope everyone gets an A!!


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